Cork & Barrel Chop House and Spirits’ new Executive Chef
Candice Poss has cooked for many celebrities.

Many, many celebrities throughout the years… but don’t expect her to name drop.
She’d much rather have you brag about her food.

Born and bred in the Magnolia State, Poss was scrambling eggs in her Grandma’s
kitchen at the tender young age of four. By nine, she graduated to perfecting
biscuits – a true southern staple. And barely out of her teens, she landed a
line cook position at the prestigious Old Waverly Golf Course, in West Point,
Mississippi where she quickly worked her way up to pastry chef. There she wowed
hundreds of A-list actors and athletes with her sweet treats and it wasn’t long
before the Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis wooed her away to work at Eclipse

She started as Sous Chef at Eclipse and less than four months later, she was
promoted to Executive Chef. But it wasn’t until she landed at Cork & Barrel
that, she says, she really felt like she was home, “I’ve never worked in a
kitchen like this before. We have the best team I’ve ever seen.”

“Her first task?” Owner Jill Ragan said, “We had her completely rewrite our
menu, infusing her southern charm into our spectacular steaks and chops, which
are perfectly seared on our Big Green Egg.” And being from the south, you
better believe she knows a thing or three about seafood. Her award-winning
Shrimp and grits is bursting with low country love. And her beet and burrata
cheese pizza is, well, almost too gorgeous to eat. Good luck finding a favorite
dish because Poss truly pours her heart and soul into each-and-every bite.

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