Cork & Barrel Chop House Where we started.

The concept of Cork & Barrel Chop House and Spirits was born, gathered around a kitchen table.  Jill Ragan along with her husband, Joel and father Robert Ridgway, sat around the table talking and laughing about everything from business ventures to adorable puppies.  Jill brought up the idea of purchasing a liquor store and with that, she wanted it to feature wine, beer and spirits from every state in the U.S.

After several weeks of looking for locations for the liquor store, it dawned on Jill that what she really wanted was a restaurant with an upscale bar, a place people could come, have a great meal, a drink or two after dinner and talk, laugh and enjoy themselves.  The concept was easy, now the real work was about to begin.

Jill knew she wanted farm to fork and the design concept needed to reflect the food concept.  So it all started with 210 wine barrels and about as many design ideas.  These wine barrels have become the main theme of the restaurant.  Take a look around when you visit you never know where a barrel part may be lurking.

The food concept: 

You renovate a building, hire a chef and voila you have a restaurant.  Not Exactly.  Farm to fork, not too difficult but how do you make yourself different and unique.  And, thus the idea of our beloved Big Green Egg cooker.  Joel and Jill have had one for years and love the great flavors that can be created when cooking on it.

The Big Green Egg cooker originated from the Mushikamado and the Japanese have been cooking this way for 1,700 years, so why not us?  Joel knew the Big Green Egg inside and out and knew that this would set us apart.  So the concept was born.

Cork & Barrel is proud to be the first culinary partner with Big Green Egg in Missouri.  The XXL is what we use in our kitchen to cook your steaks, chops, chicken, fish and anything else we think will taste better cooked on the Egg.  You might even see the Eggs in action as we host specialized events on the patio.

Being new to the restaurant business we knew we needed to surround ourselves with experts in the field.  One of us is always here so stop by for a great meal, a fabulous cocktail or one of our 30 beers on tap.

Our Mission

“ We provide artisan cuisine, artisan cocktails and an artisan experience that inspires our guests to share the taste of Cork & Barrel Chop House and Spirits.”