Month: January 2015

lee gustin Cork & Barrel Chop House Steakhouse

Meet The Chef

Cork & Barrel Chop House and Spirits introduces our Executive Chef, Lee Gustin.
Gustin grew up in the business, starting as a dishwasher at 15-years-old. After culinary school and serving in the U.S. Navy, Gustin has since worked for country clubs, restaurants, concert venues and stadiums, including The St. Louis Blues. He says his time in the area has given him a great understanding of what our community needs and enjoys and is looking forward to providing that in his new home in St. Peter’s.
“I’m excited to be getting in on the ground level and launching a much needed restaurant for the community,” says Gustin. “It’s family-owned, and the ownership is just amazing.”
Gustin plans to bring bold flavors and farm fresh food to our steakhouse.
“I like to mix old Midwest style with costal influences from my background on the East coast.”
Gustin says he loves shopping at Farmer’s Markets, utilizing industry trends and finding a use for every piece of a food item, such as his pickled watermelon rind appetizer or carrot top greens side dish.
We are very pleased to bring Gustin on as a vital member of the Cork & Barrel team. Stay tuned for sneak peaks of his new creations coming to you soon!